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Racial Justice

Diversity 101 Training for Businesses:

This interactive two hour training can be customized for your organization. This presentation looks at key terms, issues, implicit bias and provides resources for diversity within your workplace. 

Immigration 101:

Participants will learn about the basics of terminology around immigration, learn about local trends, and also learn about the process to become a citizen (naturalization). This presentation includes discussion and activities to keep the audience engaged. 

If you have any questions regarding our Community Education Services, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Empowerment, Jennifer Rohlf, at or (260) 424-4908 ext. 235.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence 101:

Explore the dynamics of domestic violence including the forms, cycle of violence, power and control, why victims stay, and how to help. This presentation can be adapted to fit a variety of audiences and will focus on the educational needs of the audience.

Domestic Violence 101 w/Children:

Beyond the basic dynamics of domestic violence, this program includes an in-depth look at how it affects the children in the home. Learn more about how to work with children who have experienced violence.

Digital Boundaries 101 for Parents:

A discussion about how technological advances can affect the safety of young people. Parents learn about cyber bullying, human trafficking, trends with technology and youth, and ways to keep children safe.

The Bottom Line: Domestic Violence and the Workplace:

The #1 cause of injury to women in the workplace is domestic violence. Take some time to educate your staff about the dynamics of domestic violence and working with employees who may be victims.

How One Question Can Save a Life: Domestic Violence and Healthcare Workers:

Domestic violence accounts for 30% of women with injuries in Emergency Departments across the country. This program offers education and intervention strategies for healthcare workers in nursing homes, hospitals, private practices, clinics, and universities.

Cut it Out: Salons Against Domestic Violence:

Most domestic violence victims never call the police or go to a shelter. However, many feel comfortable confiding in salon professionals who are trusted listeners. This presentation is available to all cosmetology schools and salons.

Faith can Heal: A Congregation’s Response to Domestic Violence:

Often, domestic violence victims will seek out support from their places of worship. It is critical that congregations and clergypersons are prepared to provide accurate and life-saving information when necessary.

If you have any questions regarding our Community Education Services, please do not hesitate to contact our education team at or (260) 424-4908 ext. 222.