What is GivingTuesday?

GivingTuesday was started in 2012 with the goal to “build a world in which the catalytic power of generosity is at the heart of the society we build together, unlocking dignity, opportunity, and equity around the globe”.

YWCA Northeast Indiana’s mission aligns directly with the goals of GivingTuesday as we strive to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

How can you help?

You can help us cultivate growth and restore hope for victims of domestic violence and women struggling with substance abuse by donating, sharing our fundraiser on Facebook, or hosting a GivingTuesday fundraiser for us on your Facebook profile. Here’s how:

  • To donate, simply complete our donation page here

  • To share our GivingTuesday fundraiser, click the Share button on our fundraiser page:

  • To host a GivingTuesday fundraiser for us on your Facebook profile, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to YWCA Northeast Indiana’s GivingTuesday fundraiser page:

  2. To the right of the donate and share buttons, click the button with three dots


  3. Select the third option to “create a new fundraiser.”


  4. Facebook will automatically generate a fundraiser for YWCA NEIN!

  5. In the panel on the left, you can customize your fundraising goal, the duration of the fundraiser, and other elements such as the description and title. We recommend adding “GivingTuesday” to the title!

  6. Select the blue “Create” button and your fundraiser will be shared!

  7. Post several times throughout the day to remind your friends and family--share what YWCA’s mission means to you and why you chose to host a fundraiser for us.

Why give?

YWCA Northeast Indiana welcomes women, men, and their children in situations of domestic violence and women struggling with substance abuse. YWCA honors the courage of victims of domestic violence and women seeking addiction recovery by providing safety and space to breathe as they begin transitioning from crisis to self-sufficiency. We are in the business of cultivating growth and restoring hope

Trauma robs people of hope. Research in both adults and children shows that experiencing trauma, such as domestic violence, racism, sexual abuse, homelessness, etc. can have lasting, negative effects on an individual’s mental health, physical health, and social-emotional development. The negative effects of trauma can be mitigated and healed by cultivating growth and restoring hope.

Cultivating Growth

Each client working through domestic violence is paired with an YWCA Advocate, who assists clients with accessing supports such as housing, therapy, financial education, nutrition education, and more. Whether the client is living in our domestic violence crisis shelter or out in the community, they will work with the same Advocate for the duration of time they receive services from YWCA. Advocates facilitate client progress towards self-sufficiency. 

In our addiction recovery program, Hope & Harriet, each woman in treatment is surrounded by a team of addiction professionals. Through intensive individualized case management and personalized relationships, YWCA Case Managers help clients learn to foster growth in mind, body, and spirit so they can regain their dignity as they pursue recovery. YWCA’s Harriet House program is one of few addiction recovery programs in Indiana that allows children to reside with their mothers in recovery, which cultivates family growth and is key to maintaining hope for the mother as she works towards recovery. 

Restoring Hope

The ultimate goal of cultivating growth is restoring hope for our clients. YWCA NEIN sees hope being restored in the stories told by our clients. Elizabeth, a graduate of the Hope House program, shares:

I appreciate the Hope House's support in helping me build my foundation, their belief in me, and for their knowledge in connecting me with resources. I came in a very scared, lost, broken person. My Case Managers always treated me with kindness and dignity. They never made me ashamed of what I had been through and were ALWAYS willing and responsive. I have grown into a productive citizen, confident mother, and full of hope.
A Culture of Hope

As Elizabeth demonstrates in her story, hope is a relational gift. A group of people together with high levels of hope is more powerful than separate individuals with hope. At YWCA Northeast Indiana, we strive to create a culture of hope. Our staff meet survivors of domestic violence and women recovering from addiction where they are and offer them hope through building relationships and guiding them towards self-sufficiency. 

At YWCA Northeast Indiana, we believe that cultivating growth and restoring hope are essential for trauma recovery. You can help cultivate growth and restore hope to victims of domestic violence and women struggling with substance abuse by donating to YWCA for GivingTuesday. Will you contribute to our culture of hope?