YWCA Northeast Indiana is a great place for internship placement as we have multiple programs across the human services field. Check out the rest of the website to see what services we offer. We also have a diverse staff for students to learn from. We take an average of 6 interns a semester but reserve the right to take more or less each semester.

Below are the possible internships that we offer. If you are interested in something outside of these, please email Carla Kilgore at ckilgore@ywcaerew.org to inquire. Click each internship title to view a detailed description and application instructions. YWCA reserves the right to not place students into internships even if they are posted as available on this site.

YWCA Internships

Senior Level Bachelor's Social Services Internship

Masters Level Social Services Internship

Development and Marketing Internship

Because of the preliminary work for volunteers, we are not accepting job shadowing. If you are interested in committing to a semester or more of substantial time spent volunteering with us, such as a 10 hour/week internship, please apply by filling out our Internship Application Form.