We are currently seeking nominations for our annual Peggy Hobbs Award!

Nominees must demonstrate the following: 

  • Actively promotes awareness of diversity issues in our community
  • Encourages the empowerment of women
  • Exhibits dedication, passion & commitment to volunteering
  • Pursues personal development opportunities to assure positive impact as a volunteer

To nominate an individual, please download & complete the Peggy Hobbs Award Nomination Form and email the completed form to to or mail it to YWCA Northeast Indiana, Kristina Nussbaum, 5920 Decatur Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46816. 

We are accepting nominations through July 15, 2022.

“Children deserve a home and childhood free from abuse.”

-Peggy Hobbs

In 1967, Peggy Hobbs enrolled in an art class at YWCA when it was located on Wayne Street. Her passion and commitment led her from developing her art interest to volunteering at YWCA. As the years passed, her passion for women’s rights, dedication to the empowerment of women, and her own personal development moved her to volunteer with YWCA. Peggy started on the Board of Directors in 1971 and became board president in 1973 (serving in that role for three years). Peggy’s leadership as president was a binding force during a time of change and expansion for YWCA. 

The 1970s was a time where women and women’s organizations had little stature in the community; however, as YWCA’s board president, Peggy Hobbs rose to the challenge. During her three years of board leadership, she successfully advocated for YWCA to remain separate from YMCA, paving the way for her greatest success: the establishment of YWCA’s domestic violence shelter. Peggy and a group of dedicated community volunteers decided to bring to light the seriousness of domestic violence in the Fort Wayne area, an issue that was little discussed at the time.

In 1976, Peggy’s vision and passion led to YWCA opening the first shelter for victims of domestic violence in the state of Indiana. YWCA’s domestic violence crisis shelter today is one of the state’s oldest and most successful domestic violence services program. 

The Peggy Hobbs Service Award started in 1977, and the intent of the award is to honor a woman of outstanding personal development, achievement, and dedication as a volunteer. YWCA Northeast Indiana continues Peggy’s legacy by presenting the Peggy Hobbs Service Award to a community volunteer who embodies the passion, commitment, and dedication of Peggy Hobbs.  

Peggy Hobbs Award Timeline

  • 1976 Peggy Hobbs established first shelter for victims of domestic violence in the state of Indiana

  • 1977 Peggy Hobbs Service Award inaugural year (first awarded to Carolyn Louden)

  • 1977–1997 A different community volunteer is recognized each year with the Peggy Hobbs Service Award

  • 2001 After a brief hiatus, the Peggy Hobbs Service Award is established and presented again

  • 2006 Peggy Hobbs Service Award nominations opened to community members for the first time (previously nominated by staff)

  • 2019 Peggy Hobbs Service Award presented for the first time at Circle instead of at the Annual Meeting

Peggy Hobbs Award Recipients, 1977–1997 and 2001–Present

1977 Carolyn Louden
1978 Judith Beinicke
1979 Kathleen Wood
1980 Rosemary Lanning
1981 Marion Coufoudakis
1982 Nancy Rogers
1983 Phyllis Thompson
1984 Carole Fuller
1985 Marjorie F. Graham
1986 Joan Corry
1987 Edith Dickerhoof
1988 Barbara Williams
1989 Marty Lawson
1990 Gloria Beckner
1991 Ginny Clark
1992 Juanita Mendenhall
1993 Pat Harrison
1994 Sarah Shroyer Smith
1995 Corrine Brooks
1996 Vicki McClelland
1997 Mary L. Morris
2001 Amanda Bedwell
2002 Trish Fox
2003 Holly Amber
2004 Marita Hattem
2006 Elizabeth A. Frederick
2007 Myra Shelby Scott
2008 Rosa Wheeler
2009 Kimberly Christmon
2010 Rita Bennett-Sheirbon
2011 Carol Durham
2012 Jennifer Manning
2013 Katrina Kay
2015 Sue Ehinger
2016 Faith Van Gilder
2017 Denita Washington
2018 Betsy Kachmar
2019 Rikki Goldstein
2020 Michelle Chambers
2021 Alicia O'Neal


2021 Peggy Hobbs Award Recipient, Alicia O'Neal

2019 Peggy Hobbs Award Recipient, Rikki Goldstein. Recognized for many reasons, including her generosity in creating the scholarship program.

2020 Peggy Hobbs Award Recipient, Michelle Chambers


2019 Peggy Hobbs Award Recipient, Rikki Goldstein. Recognized for many reasons, including her generosity in creating the scholarship program.

2018 Peggy Hobbs Award recipient, Betsy Kachmar (second left), Assistant General Manager of Citlink, with Nancy McCammon-Hansen, Paula Hughes-Schuh and Jennifer Flanagan (left to right).