Domestic Violence 101


Have you ever wanted to learn more about domestic violence and how to help? Is your business looking for domestic violence training? Here at the YWCA, we offer a domestic Violence 101 Education Program (DV 101). Through this program, we teach the forms and cycles of violence, power and control, why victims stay, and how to help.

DV 101 is open to any person in the community who is interested in learning about all aspects of domestic violence. Our education program is tailored to each group, and events held for the general community members are geared toward the basics. This includes the types of abuse (physical, verbal, religious, etc.) and the cycle of violence. After this, participants are made aware of how they can help other people, and what resources can be used if you end up in a domestic violence situation.

Some groups of professionals we work with directly are the Department of Child Services, law enforcement, and counselors. Programs for these groups are more specific. Those that work in these positions are more likely to be exposed to cases of domestic violence, so we teach how to identify abuse and intervene. After the training, professionals are able to identify abuse in client relationships and work toward helping them get out of those situations. Professionals also go through a simulation activity that allows them to understand and build empathy for those in domestic violence situations.

Before completing the program, participants typically do not understand what domestic violence is and how often it happens. After participating, many attendees are able to realize instances of DV in their own life or clients’ lives that they missed before. The program enables them to learn what they can do and how they can encourage those in a DV situation to know that help is available and where to find it.

Through DV101, we want people to learn what domestic violence is, how they can identify it, and how they can assist those who are in these situations. Anyone can request for us to host an onsite DV101 program. For more information, or to schedule, please call (260) 424-4908.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, call please call the Domestic Violence Crisis Line at (260) 447-7233