A Commitment to Serve


Aisha Pearson works daily to connect people to the services they need. Although simple to understand, the impact Aisha makes at YWCA is so much more than that.

When a family comes in to the crisis shelter, they are immediately paired with a case manager. Aisha’s role is to make those connections and organize services on a day-to-day basis to make sure everything runs smoothly. The number one priority is safety and eliminating immediate danger. “It is hard to work toward anything when you don’t feel safe,” says Pearson. In the first 24-48 hours there is a needs assessment to accurately determine what the overall needs of the situation are and how families can be connected to the services they need.

Seeing the growth and difference in a family from day one through the day they exit is Pearson’s favorite part of the job. Once, a client came in with her son who was only a few months old. She didn’t have a lot of support and lost her mom soon after being in the shelter. But seeing her resilience and positivity as she worked toward her goals was all it took for Pearson to continue to love her job and endeavor to make an impact in other people’s lives. Seeing this family grow up during their time in the shelter is something Pearson will cherish forever. She was even able to help them find a home to spend their first Christmas together.

Making a commitment to serving the needs of your community is so much more than a job; it is a responsibility for Aisha Pearson. She goes to work with the mindset that there is a need in her community, and if she can be the person that connects people to services, she can make an impact on those around her.

Aisha believes that empowering people to be in control of their own lives is an impactful step toward fostering independence for their clients. As a team, Aisha and her coworkers actively help people find the strength to work toward change, connect them to the services they need, and encourage them to know that a positive and sustainable life is possible. It doesn’t matter the choices you have made, where you are at in life, what your finances look like, or how you feel at the moment, Aisha’s team is ready to connect you with services and necessities that will help you succeed.