Tammy Munson: Bring Hope


The Hope House program at the YWCA has been helping women turn their lives around since 1981. As the lead case manager for the Hope House, Tammy Munson has had 20 years of experience working with people to provide opportunities to pursue recovery and self-sufficiency.


As a Hope House graduate herself, Tammy Munson is able to empower women to pursue recovery. Her desire to show grace and encouragement to anyone who walks in makes her a sign of hope to many clients. She courageously shares her story every day to show people that if she did it, they too can recover from their addiction.

When someone comes to the Hope House, they are immediately connected to the program and outside services to start the recovery process. Everything from legal issues to working on personal goals is addressed through this program. It is a big step for someone to admit they need help, and the case managers work tirelessly to provide the right resources for each individual case.

The case managers work to not only provide services, but to become a role model for each client. They encourage them to move forward and gain self-esteem on their road to recovery. Tammy says it is amazing to see how much people grow during their time at the Hope House and how physically and mentally strong they become.

Tammy doesn’t just see this as a job, this is her destination. “God will put you in a position through your choices and will use you for His glory,” she said. She serves everybody who comes to the Hope House so they can escape a life of addiction and be empowered to live a full life.

As a team, the Hope House staff works in the best interest of their clients. Each day they spend hours focusing on how to best connect each individual to the services and support they need. The YWCA supports them with the necessary training to continue to do their job well in order to help other people.

Tammy knows that the journey to recovery isn’t an easy one, but she keeps a smile on her face every day because she knows that empowering people to recovery is exactly where she is meant to be.