Let's Do This Together


When someone comes to live at YWCA Northeast Indiana, they are typically leaving a life of violence, chaos, and stress.  Initially, our shelter can appear to be only a temporary place for protection or recovery, but what most of our clients realize soon after they arrive is that the YWCA is also a place for healing and personal growth. For most clients, it can seem impossible to pick up the pieces of their past and put them back together to begin a healthy and sustainable life. However, YWCA staff member Hakim Muhammad, Residential Empowerment Coordinator and Case Manager, makes sure that our clients receive the support and encouragement they need to take the first step in proactively changing their lives.

Hakim has always had a passion for helping people. He has fueled this passion through his role at YWCA by growing current programs and developing new service offerings that better serve our clients. Hakim informs residential clients of the programs and services YWCA has available to them and encourages them to get involved during their stay. This includes creating a calendar of activities that clients can participate in throughout the week. When our clients see our staff caring for them individually, it creates a more personal experience for the client that encourages them to experience growth and change together instead of on their own.

Hakim takes an active role in creating new activities, motivations, and programs to empower all individuals at YWCA to take those next steps. Two current YWCA programs that Hakim developed include the Environment Empowerment Program and the Holistic Empowerment Living Program (HELP). Both programs are offered for clients to develop skills such as taking care of their living area, understanding the importance of being environmentally responsible, working towards a goal, and being rewarded for their hard work and responsibility. 

YWCA strives to provide a safe space for people to grow, change, and be empowered to live a healthy lifestyle. A community is only as strong as the people in it, and the YWCA prepares individuals to leave the shelter with an educational foundation of how to live a sustainable life while making the community stronger. The YWCA has been a part of building up Northeast Indiana for years. With staff members like Hakim Muhammad, the YWCA is able to mold the available services to fit the needs of the community and empower individuals to become better versions of themselves.