Working Together for the Success of Others


The YWCA Northeast Indiana does not succeed by individuals, but as a team of people working together for the success of the members and clients who need their help. Working at the YWCA means problem solving day in and day out in order to provide services, and make sure the services they are providing support the needs of the community. When working as a team in this environment, you work off the success of those around you including the clients, volunteers, and coworkers.

Carla Kilgore not only sees the YWCA as a team, but as people she can rely on to support her and their group efforts.

“My family always emphasized that it isn’t about making the most money, it is about working to make our society healthy for everyone” says Kilgore. You have to start with the understanding and awareness that not everyone grows up with the same opportunities for education, work, life, or experiences. For Kilgore, she wanted to change that and give people as much choice and opportunity as possible.

Now as the Director of Crisis Services, she spends each day working to provide choice and opportunity to anyone who seeks it out. In conversations with staff members, meetings across the YWCA, and gathering information from data, outcomes, and feedback, Kilgore works to ensure that they are providing the means necessary to reflect on the concerns and challenges of their clients and the community.

Many people may live with awareness of the challenges and inequalities in an area, but it is not often you find people like Carla Kilgore who work every day to help reach equality. When she heard the mission of the YWCA, eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all, she thought, “that is my personal mission too!” She continues to fight for their mission in their community and across the country, which is another reason why YWCA Northeast Indiana is thankful to have her on the team.