Our Community Educators have spoken to tens of thousands of young people in schools, youth groups, and community centers. We seek to create fun and empowering programs that are relevant to the young people we work with. Click here to see which Indiana Department of Education Academic Standards for Health & Wellness and Indiana Department of Education Social-Emotional Leaning Competencies our youth education presentations meet.

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Our presentations include:

Eyes Wide Open...relationship awareness©

Eyes Wide Open...relationship awareness©, an education program created by our staff, received the distinction of being the only program in Northeast Indiana to be recognized by the Indiana State Department of Education as Identified Model Curriculum to meet requirements under Heather’s Law, named after an Indianapolis teen was killed by her boyfriend.  This program focuses on educating teens and young adults about healthy relationships and how to identify the signs of unhealthy and dangerous relationships. Teens completing this program leave not only with knowledge but with tools they would need should they find themselves in an abusive relationship.

Digital Citizenship 101

A discussion about how technological advances can affect the safety of young people. Students learn about respecting themselves and others and about the possible dangers of cell phones, social networking websites, and the internet. Digital Citizenship 101 addresses the dangers of sexting, and educates about the warning signs of grooming. This program can also be formatted and presented for the benefit of parents, teachers, school administrators, and youth administrators. 


This new presentation focuses on teaching 4th and 5th grade students how to recognize bullying in its digital forms. Students leave knowing what bullying looks like when the Internet, social media, and cell phones come into play, as well as how to prevent cyberbullying in all its forms. Our curriculum falls in line with the legislation (HEA 1423) signed into law by Governor Mike Pence which requires that schools implement bullying prevention education for students in grades 1-12. This incredibly important education can contribute to a school climate where bullying is not only unacceptable, but also not achievable.

If you are interested in bringing any of our youth presentations to your school or youth organization, please contact our education team at (260) 424-4908 ext. 222 or educationteam@ywcaerew.org!